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Made in Britain

Made in Britain

Made in Britain for quality
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Version: 4.0
(Oct, 2011)

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Some Customers:

Some of our customers

Roof Access with Monkey Tower

Monkey Tower offers additional extras that make it easier to access roofing for all sorts of work from chimneys and tile replacement to solar panel installation.

Safely access a roof without scaffolding or climbing ladder to ladder

For access on to pitched roofs a roof ladder attachment is available. This makes the use of a roof ladder a safe and single man job.

roof ladder on monkey towerUse of the roof ladder is simple with the following procedure:roof ladder on monkey tower

1: Set Monkey Tower up, fit short roof ladder attachment ladder section to the inside of the Monkey Tower and place roof ladder on the side of the Monkey Tower platform and wind platform and roof ladder up to roof height.

2: Position roof ladder on roof ladder on monkey towerroof (making sure ridge hook is securely over the ridge of the roof) and attach to roof ladder attachment using provided straps.

3: Climb straight up onto roof ladder. Optional rope, rope grab and harness give added fall protection.

Side-gate for Access to Flat Roofs

side door monkey towerside door on monkey tower

A side-gate option for easier access to flat roofs or similar is available. Please note that the side gate has to be built in to the Monkey Tower in production and cannot be retrofitted.

Additional height access - Apex

apex monkey tower

An additional 1m of working height (giving a working height of 7.5m) is available with the Monkey Tower Apex extension platform.

This platform conneects on top of the standard monkey tower platform, with access to the platform by a short section of ladder and a folding gate.

apex on monkey tower